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    About Us

    Our mission

    To offer the best web-based 3D experience to all internet users, through our tools and technology.

    Yes, we believe in a web where 3D contents will plays a significant role and shapes up the future of a new web experience. In a lot of areas and contexts, 3D contents having shown in real 3D are much better than the same in 2D, easiest to understand, interactive and even much more funny, providing the user a most powerful experience.

    So, this is our dream and motivation. Are you ready?

    About the company

    Founded in 2011 by Ignacio Hernando, Stroitelei Technologies S.L. is a Spanish company based in Madrid. Our passion is interactive 3D visualization and internet our playing context.

    As a company, we have defined our social objectives as the design, development and marketing of computer systems software and hardware in the context of information technology and communication, with special interest on interactive graphics systems in 3D, and the marketing of other products and services that may arise from the activity.

    About Ignacio Hernando

    Ignacio Hernando is the founder and Managing Director at Stroitelei Tecnologías SL. He landed there after experimenting with careers in art, software development, computer graphics, photography and education, putting all this knowledge together in the company.
    He is a member of the IEEE.

    Ángel Riesgo Martínez

    Ángel Riesgo Martínez is a StroiTec collaborator and has been involved with the project since its inception. He has degrees in Physics and East Asian Studies from the Autonomous University of Madrid and has an extensive career in software development, after many years working as a programmer and software engineer at leading companies in the field of 3D visualization software in Spain and the UK. He now lives in Oviedo, where he works as a consultant and software engineer through his project Nubaria Software.

    Javier Criado Nesofsky

    Javier Criado is a cum laude graduate in economics from Saint Louis University (Missouri, USA) and an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management (Chicago, Illinois) with concentrations in finance, marketing, strategy and corporate development. He has extensive experience of more than 20 years in business. He has worked as consultant, line manager, investment analyst and trainer frequently in very innovative environments. He currently combines his work as CFO in a multinational technology company with work in strategy consulting, training, and entrepreneurial coaching.

    Rafael Celda

    Rafael Celda is the author of our corporate identity. He is the lead of Rafael Celda y Asociados S.A., a spanish company specialized in corporate identity, editorial design and packaging. He is design consultant of various companies and institutions. He participated in the exhibitions: "Eina, 20 Años de Vanguardia" in the "Bienal de Barcelona de Creadores Europeos" and the exhibition "100 Years of Spanish Design" in the Museo de Arte Reina Sofia. He is a member of the Spanish Association of Design Professionals and adviser member of the Permanent Secretariat of BEDA (Bureau of European Designers Associations).