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    StroiTec 3D Suite provides integration of media in a 3D environment

  • A rich new environment for advertising
  • Virtual tours for architecture and real estate
  • Virtual exhibitions and events
  • Fast production of quality audiovisuals
  • Animated mechanical assemblies
  • Oculus ready
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  • layout_iconLayout  
    Easily compose your scene with 3D models,
    videos and images.
    lighting_iconLighting Choose cameras and scene resolution.
    Choose between immersive Oculus Rift and other 3D options.
    Illuminate the scene.
    Regulate light intensity, colors and distributions.
    animating_iconAnimating Apply material properties, textures and
    colors to scene elements.
    Animate elements. Manage the storyboard.effects_iconEffects
    metadata_iconMetadata Add sound, visual Fx and physical properties.
    Add descriptions, credits and other information.publish_iconPublish
    Publish the scene in social media.
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